Stuttering sound in Twitter spaces

I’ve noted something odd for a new and really expensive phone: Audio in Twitter spaces reproducible becomes crackling and unusable as soon as I am promoted to speaker. It works fine one my old - really old - phones, a OnePlus 3T with /e/ and a OnePlus 7 with LineageOS.

So, when I enter a Twitter space, things are still normal, but as soon as I am promoted to speaker, sound keeps coming and going every 1-2 seconds. About half gets cut out, so that you just cannot understand what the others say. The only “workaround” I have found is to use a different device. Even my ten year old OnePlus 3T handles Twitter spaces ok, even though they are admittedly buggy, but the FP5’s performance is just atrocious.

This issue persists, when I switch off bluetooth.

Does fairphone have a bugtracker to register such issues?