[Student Repair Workshop]_interesting Manual (DE, EN and ES)

Dear all,

Fairphone Community members, @dieguich and I, want to share with you about a very interesting MANUAL (and experience) developed by Rudolf Steiner Schule Schwabing (Munich), that we have collaborated with translating it into Spanish.

This school has been developing a Student Repair Workshop since 2016, and they have documented in a MANUAL their experience, learnings, and suggestions for other organizations wanting to develop such a Repair initiative.

The MANUAL is available in german (original), english and spanish in the School’s website: downloads - Fixing for Future - Rudolf Steiner Schule Schwabing

We think it is interesting for people and organizations working to foster Culture of Repair. As we have known, more than 7 organizations are now in contact with the School in Munich following their example and creating Student Repair Workshops.

At the end of the Manual you can find how to contact with the School if you want to. You can also see it in their website.

Best regards from Bilbao!


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