Stuck on Edge network, cannot access 3G/4G


I just bought a FP2, and it worked perfectly well until I turned airplane mode on. Since I got back to my network, I am stuck on Edge, and cannot access 3G. in the SIM config menu, they say my preferred network mode is 2G, and I cannot change this option!
I checked the APN many times, but since I have internet, i guess the apn is right.
I checked the “star”#“star”#4636#“star”#* command, does not work

Is there a way to change this setting?


Can’t say how this could be related to just changing airplane mode. But might it be somehow related to the fact that only one sim can use 3g/4g and the other only 2g?

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I assume that you use two SIM cards.

As @Volker said, only one SIM can be in 3G/4G mode.

Please set the other SIM to 2G only before you try to change the desired SIM to 3G/4G.

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Thank you for your answer. It may be related to this. I do inserted 2 simcard, but de-activated the other one.
I found my way: I had to take off my sim card, turn the fp2 on, so it forget completely the setting, turn it off, put the sim, and reboot.

@TobiasF your solutions looks promising, I will try next time I use my other sim, hopefully it will fix this more easily than my procedure :slight_smile:

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You may find more useful information on using the two sim cards in the thread

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Maybe this helps:

  • Activate your deactivated simcard
  • Set activated simcard to 2G
  • Set the other simcard to 4G


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