Stuck in standby mode: screen is not reactivated by pushing power button


When my phone is on standby mode (after using it by pushing the power button for example) I can’t switch the screen back on.
It remains black when I press the power button although the phone is still working since the red LED is blinking.
When this happens I just can’t control the phone anymore: I have no access to the screen!

Only workaround I found: unplugging the battery and re-plugging it… Not very gentle…

Anyone with the same problem? It is really annoying and happens more and more frequently!


One precision: I also pushed the power button directly, without the back cover, and the screen does not react.


Two das ago I updated to 1.2.8. Today morning I checked the Time and about two hours I recognized that it did not react in the power button anymore.
As I loaded the FP2 last night it is fully loaded. The notification LED is blinking slowly.
I called the phone, baut it did not ring.
I trief to switch the phone off by pressing the power button for more than ten seconds but this dies not work.

Help is highly appreciated.


Did you remove the back cover? Maybe it isn’t placed exactly as it should and the power button got stuck. Take the cover off and see if the button works without it.

Thanks for this hint. I could not leave standby mode using power button but pressing for long time started a reboot.

I just recently started using my FP2 with a SIM card and since then I sometimes have this issue too.

A better workaround than taking out the battery is plugging in the phone. At least that works for me.

Since the FP2 started to get locked in Standby Mode it happened more and more often. Finally I had to reboot several times to be able to enter my key to login.

Finally I reinstalled the OS and used software and then removed the battery for about one minute. Furthermore I removed the second SIM (was inserted but disabled) and did not install the tanker app. Since then the problem did not reoccur anymore.

Same problem here I think, phone goed to stand-by or atleast the screen goes black. Only replugging the battery seems to revive it. Problems started last week and seem to increase…

How do you re-install the os and software? And what is a tanker app?

Instead of re-installing it might be easier to make a factory reset (settings --> backup & reset --> rest), which basically has the same effect.

For manually installing the OS see here:

Thank you guys for all your feedbacks.
For some random reason, since my post in February, after a couple of weeks the problem happened less frequently (I even kinda forgot about it), but it’s been really back for around 3 weeks now and I have to unplug/replug the battery around 5 times a day!
It’s about to drive me crazy… this is such a weird problem.

Like Jochen, when it happened I also tried to call my FP2 with an other phone: I hear a dial tone in the other phone, but the FP2 is not reacting, totally silent, nothing happens!

I’ll try to make a factory reset, I hope it’ll work.

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