Stuck in boot screen

I just tried to start fastboot by holding down the volume button, but now my Fairphone does not get past a black screen with the Fairphone logo in white and ‘powered by Android’ on it.

Holding down the power button does restart the phone, but does not get me past the screen.

Any tips?

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[quote=“rootboi, post:1, topic:17418”]
but does not get me past the screen
[/quote]how long did you wait? my FP2 takes quite a while but finally starts…

I think now I waited about 15 minutes. and indeed… it now suddenly says 'Android is starting and ‘optimizing app xx of 129’

I was intending to flash it with a custom ROM as explained on

that’s definitively too long. in case it happens again/always i suggest you contact the FP support.


lol, nice picture!

I just restarted it after it was done optimizing and now it went faster. Normal boot time I’d say.

Now gonna try fastboot again and installing the Open Source version of Fairphone OS. Probably I’ll pop up in other threads on this forum soon enough :slight_smile:

Thnx for your help @christoph

thx! i like this one a lot. it always pops up before my inner eye when i have to wait…

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