Stuck during install of Lineage OS


I did check around to see if anyone else had the same issue but couldn’t find it, so apologies if I missed something.

I was following the LineageOS install instructions for using a Windows PC via adb/fastboot and TWRP. After wiping the phone ready for install, I get to step 8, which says about copying the install zip packages onto the SD card.

Since clearing the OS, it appears that I no longer have USB debugging enabled on my phone so the adb devices list comes up blank.

I have attempted with alternatives to get the files onto the SD card but, due to the file system being exFAT (it is a 200GB SanDisk micro SD card that I have had no problems with), the other devices I have are unable to read it.

In looking for other posts, I did find this one that probably would have helped but now my SD card isn’t recognised by my phone. I checked another SD card, which was recognised after rebooting my phone, but it doens’t contain the backup so is pretty useless.

Any suggestions with how to continue with my install would be gratefully received.

I have a backup of an old version of FPOOS that I took prior to wiping the internal storage, but I was unable to update the OS, or any apps via F-Droid, which was my primary reason for migrating to Lineage.

I look forward to any productive responses.


You can install with adb sideload without an SD card.



TWRP doesn’t like exFAT yet … you won’t get happy with that combination currently.

Just to add … ADB Sideload can be enabled in “Advanced” in TWRP … see point 7 in this handy guide (which was done for a different device, I know, but TWRP works the same and there are screenshots) …

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Thank you so much both of you! Managed to used ADB Sideload to get it working. Very glad to find out I haven’t bricked my phone!

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