Street art raising awareness to the illegal exploitation of children in Congo

Enjoy :slight_smile:

English: “Eduardo Relero’s piece outside an Apple store to bring awareness to the illegal exploitation of children in the democratic republic of the Congo.”

Espanol: “Acción de Amnistía I. en Madrid. Hice este dibujo. A.I. exige aclaraciones a Apple sobre el origen de su cobalto”

The second image seems ‘photoshopped’ to me. Oh well.

PS: Seems my deeplinks did not work. Mods feel free to edit my post to fix this, I’m not sure why it isn’t working.


That’s my city, I’m an Amnesty associate and I didn’t know about this. Oh, man, I’m not very well informed, :disappointed:

Some translations:

  • On the red arrow banner:

Apple, time to research if your phone’s cobalt hide child exploitation!

  • On the screen of the painted iPhone:

Apple doesn’t research if their devices hide cobalt extracted from Democratic Republic of the Congo under work terms which violate human rights, including child exploitation


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