Streaks in back camera

Hi! I have a problem; I can’t make pictures with my back camera because it only shows coloured streaks on a black background. There is nothing else to see. After some seconds the message appears that there is no connection with the camera and the camera stops. It doesn’t help to use another app. Does anyone have advice? Should i reset the phone? Or replace the camera? The frontcamera works fine.

Thank you in advance!!

Perhaps there’s something helpful in earlier discussions …


Ah yes there’s already written a lot about it, thanks, im gonna have a look at it!

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I have had the same problem with an FP2 delivered in mid-October. The instruction I received and carried out was from Technical Support. It was to take out the camera, put it back in, restart the phone and try it. This did not work so they sent a new camera and I returned the “faulty” one. It has just done the same thing and removing and re-inserting the camera does not work.

There have been a number of these occurrences and I am wondering if there is some kind of faulty interaction between the camera and the phone and that the fault is actually in the phone.

I was asked to report this if it happened again, I have just done this and await an answer but the first time it happened there was a suggestion that the whole phone may need to go back.

I guess this doesn’t help you but may what you will have to do.

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