Strange burn-in-like artefact on FP2 screen

Somehow it seems my FP2 has acquired a very nasty burn-in-like artefact in the recent week or so: In most white backgrounds, it is just vaguely noticeable as a whiter-than-white blobby angled ‘L’-shaped line on the bottom of the screen and a few random blobby dots. But it is very noticeable on darker screens, and particularly on the bootup screen where I first noticed it.

The funny thing is that the ugly ‘L’-pattern looks like a typical screen burn-in, it doesn’t remind me of anything I’ve been displaying on the device. So I am at a loss as to how this has actually happened.

As I’m suffering from the ghost touch problem I’ve already been promised a new screen by support when they are back in stock. But I am wondering if there’s anything you can do to prevent this from happening when I presumably get a non-ghost-touching screen? It really adds insult to injury if the phone that was said to last 5 years turns out to need a new screen upgrade every second month… :frowning:


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