Strange Battery issues after upgrade to 7.1.2 / FP Open OS 18.10.0

After upgrading to FP Open OS 18.10.0, my phone has developed some strange battery (status display?) behavior:

  • Every reboot of the phone apparently reduces the charge to a value close to 0% - so that it immediately shuts down again (just did that, before the shutdown it was at more than 20%!)
  • When the battery is close to 0%, it is very slow to load:
    • it takes at least half an hour to get out of the “red” zone (i.e., above 15%)
    • When during that time I turn on the screen, it will discharge even though it is attached to a charger

Anybody else seen such strange behavior?


strange battery behavior sometimes happens right after an upgrade. After a few days it should normalize. If not try the battery reset as described in the #batteryguide.



Same issue for me after updating yesterday.
What happens for you now ?


It turned out like paulakreuzer said - the battery issues settled down after a few days. It runs quite fine again now!


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