Strange battery drain


I’ve gotten my Fairphone 5 yesterday. And today I noticed something strange, the battery is drained for 33%, but when I tally the drain per app it shows I only come to 19% which means somehow something drained 14% that is not being showed. Furthermore the phone is taken from the charger a little under 4 hours ago. And a drain off 33% in such short time seems really high.

Can only add one image per post as a new user, so here is the second picture:

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High battery drain while configuring the phone for the first time is absolutely normal. There a re a lot of background tasks running and the battery might need some calibration.

So go on using your phone for a few days and watch, whether something changes.

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Hi Incanus,

Thanks for your quick response, I was not aware of that.
I hope that is indeed the case, because needing to charge a new phone halfway through the day would not be great :smiley:

I had that with my last phone (which was four years old) and was one of the reasons I replaced it.

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You might try to disable AoD (if enabled) and check if this reduces battery drain.

Hi Volker,

Thanks for your response, but it seems it was indeed just a start up thing. I now have 60% left after a little over a day. So that seems good now.

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