Storage update: No possibility to move apps

After the storage update, it seems that I can’t move apps which are already installed to my newly added SD card. I’d like to save photos and apps on the SD, rather than using the FP storage. I now changed the default storage to SD but photos etc won’t change from internal to SD storage.
Additionally my music won’t store on the SD card and all covers are mixed up, which is quite unnerving, since I spent so much time on arranging them.

Help, please?

Are you using the app ‘File Manager’ to move photo’s and music?

No I didn’t thank you!

But my apps still won’t show…

Apps are installed.
Try this. Go to ‘Manage apps’, far left below on your phone.
Swipe to an app that you use less.
Tab on the app and tab on ‘uninstall’

Go the ‘System settings’, far left below on your phone.
go to 'Storage’
Make the ‘SD card’ your default write disk.

Now install the app again.

It’s likely that by uninstalling you delete your settings for that app.

There are also apps designed for moving apps from internal storage to SD, e.g.’ Link2SD’, ‘Move apps to SD card’, ‘Send to SD card’ and many others. Haven’t used any of them myself, so no recommendations and no guarantees…

The old android phones had a very samaller memory (per example the HTC Wildfire S 128 MB instead of 16 GB in the new Fairphone).
So it was necessary to move some apps with App2SD on the SD card - but permanently writing and reading on a physical SD card slowed down the system.
This is the reason why never Android Versions (since 4.0 ICS) App2SD is no longer supported.

On rooted Phones (like FP) it is possible to move some Apps and Data with a special App (Link2SD) to a separate Partition on a big fast microSDXC (64GB, Class 10).

I am using Link2SD for some big, not frequently used Apps and happy with it, beceause it has some nice options like Uninstall system applications (bloatware removal), Freeze and un-freeze system and users applications , Convert system apps into user apps, Convert user apps into system apps, Integrate “Updated” system apps into system (ROM), Clear data and cache of the application, etc.
Look at

Ok, thanks.
If I decided to use Link2SD, and would do this bloatware removal- I then could just remove apps which I don’t need? It shouldn’t affect the my phone, should it, if I just remove google+ (and similar apps) for instance?

Hello Kathi

Yes, it is very easy to remove bloatware.
So easy, that you can damage your your system, when something goew wrong… :wink:

I am using Link2SD since more than 3 years, but every time I change something on the system apps, I backup first all my personal data on my PC with MyPhoneExplorer
And even when its possible to remove bloatware in one step, I prefer to make it in two steps:
First I convert the sytem app (p. e. ifixit) in a user app, reboot the phone and when its stable I uninstall this app in a second step.

Best regards