Storage issue, already updated to 1.8, factory reset impossible

Hello Fairphone forum,

the holidays are coming, but maybe somebody out there still finds the time to help me. Hope you have some great days :slight_smile:

My problem:

  1. I get the “memory is full” message when I try to update old or install new apps. —> I searched the forum and realised I really should have used the 1.6 storage update which I never did because it involved backing up my data and I’m a slack.

  2. I have already updated to 1.8, so I can’t get the storage update now. --> I searched the forum and decided I should probably do a hard reset because it apparently helped some people with similar problems. I decided to follow these instructions for a hard reset: How to perform a “hard reset” on my Fairphone?

  3. I found the “factory data reset” option, but as soon as I get to the last confirmation, I can hit the “delete all” button as often as I want, nothing happens.

What should I do now? Simply try the hard reset without the factory reset first? Try installing 1.6 manually (shudder), then install the storage upgrade? Look for the darkest corner of my room, curl up into a ball there and weep?

I have a FP of the seconad batch from the first 25000 phones.

Best regards,
Laura from Germany

Have you tried downgrading to v1.6 from the Fairphone updater app?

If this doesn’t work you can also use these instructions to install the FP 1.6 update - you will need this file: FP1 Cherry (v.1.6) (~200MB)

Once you’ve got v1.6 installed you can then do the storage update and then you’ll be able to move to v1.8