Storage internal HD invisible Macbook


just a quick question - I recently updated the OS to the latest version. Works like a charm and fixed all the bugs.

But, when I connect my FP via USB to mu Macbook, only one HD shows, whereas in the past I would see two. Internal and SD-card. Now I only seem to see my SD card and I need to access the internal HD.

Any pointers?


  1. Did you apply the Unified storage upgrade before this started to happen?

  2. Also: which Fairphone OS version do you currently run? Is it 1.8?

  3. Which option do you choose, when you connect your FP? Is it “Normal USB”, “MTP” or “PTP”?

Hi Stefan,

Yes, I followed every step described in the manual. Now I am running 1.8 Kola Nut. I use Normal, but perhaps I should try MTP?

thanks for the quick reply.

best regards,


After applying the Unified Storage Upgrade you definitely should try MTP! :wink:

Works! Download Android File Transfer for Mac! Thanks for guiding me in that direction. Cheers!

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