Stop syncing Fairphone 3 contact with Google

I am transitioning from Fairphone 2 to Fairphone 3. I do not want to sync my contact list with Google automatically. (I do not want to root my phone, by the way.) On Fairphone 2, this was possible with MyLocalAccount. But for Fairphone 3, the default contact app no longer allows choosing separately SIM contacts, local contact list, Google contacts etc. Even though it is possible to turn of automatic syncing with Google, a slip of the thumb syncs the contacts.

So now I am using Simple Contacts and SIM Card Information + SIM Contacts, both gratis. The former is no longer maintained (doesn’t seem to write to SIM; maybe I will pay for the Pro version); the latter’s advertising is way too intrusive.

I would appreciate if there are any tips.

You might check here: What is you favorite, well working, google app alternative?

The lineageos versions are quite good, i think (I’m only syncing to my own nextcloud)


With CardDAV-Sync you can synchronize the contacts automatically with any CardDAV provider. Chances are good that your e-mail provider offers such a service. There is also a free version available.

P.S. This is a good way to get a backup as well.

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