Stolen phone - need IMEI-number

My phone got stolen , and I need the IMEI- number . But the original case is gone … Is there any other way to find the number? I bought 3 phones , and all I can find on my account is saying: Serial numbers for all : … -but shouldnt there be a number for each of the phones?

I’m not sure but I think your phone serial should be connected to your bill. In your case I would recommend to contact the Fairphone support team.

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If you use the Google Services, log in into your account and look for the “Dashboard”. There you will find your IMEI number.

The Fairphone team will know your IMEI number. Just call them and ask for it. :slight_smile:

Just out of curiosity (or lack of knowledge):
What’s the IMEI number of a stolen phone useful for?

You need it when you report the lost to the police.

Oh, yeah, makes sense. I guess that tells how often my stuff got stolen… :blush:

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