Stock screen protector

I know it may sound as a weird question, but…

Did you remove the stock screen protector film wich comes with the fairphone ? I find it to be a very good protective film wich doesn’t alter the image quality (compared with another fairphone without protection) and moreover doesn’t force me to do something I was never really able to do: to apply a screen protector avoiding bubbles or dust particles to end up between the film and the screen :disappointed_relieved:

Any contraindication to keep that film on the screen ?

Otherwise, which protective screen/glass do you use (if any) ?


Edit: didn’t realize there’s another thread about this topic, maybe this one can be moved there ?

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About the “stock screen protector”: It is not meant to be used as such, but just as a means to keep the screen safe while it’s being shipped, but sure, as long as it doesn’t cause any problems you can keep using it.
Watch out for issues with the #proximitysensor. If you ever have those and recalibrating (Settings > Maintenance) doesn’t help, then the screen protector is probably the culprit.

About 3rd party protectors: You found the right topic, please continue that particular discussion there.


Well’ I’m still using it since…ever :smiley: and now it is about 10 months I’m using it (I received my phone in April) and it is still in very good conditions.
I have to admit before receiving the phone I ordered a glass screen protector but it still lies in a drawer waiting for the original protector to become more full of scratches (and I think this will become true in about another 10 months :P)
So you can safely keep it on :slight_smile:

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Hi thanks! Well, I’ve ordered a glass screen protector too… :smirk: but it’s possible that it will sit for some time in the drawer as well, as long as the “original” one holds fine. Never had a protector without bubbles or dust :yum:
On the other side, I guess the glass protector is… ehm… protecting better. Will see.

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