Stock camera without Google Photos - default app not remembered

If you disable Google Photos app and click the “recent photos” button in the bottom left in the stock FP Camera app, the app will ask you to open an alternative app. In my case the app I would like to use is Fossify Gallery. I selct the app and click “Always”, so that the Camera remembers to open recent photos in the Fossify Gallery.

The Fossify Gallery app opens with my photo.

However if I go back to the Camera app and click the “recent photos” circle in the bottom left again, a popup appears asking me to select an app to open the photo again.

The intended behavior is so that the gallery app is rememberd.

See [FP4] Gallery Proxy for FPCamera (stock camera app) - #15 by wof

Dont have this issue with Fossify app and the FP5 and FP4, however your link is to a FP4 topic while your topic is in the FP5 section, so can you confirm which device we are talking about?

I’m on FP5, but I’m linking to a FP4 thread for continuity.

as FP4 and FP5 are not sharing completely the same software its always good to clarify this clearly to avoid confusion. So do you have more than 1 Gallery installed and activated? I have the stock one disabled and only the Fossify Gallery installed (before the one from simple mobile Tools) and no issues form the beginning. Did you try to delete the cache from the camera app and probably as well storage maybe at the beginning you once used the stock gallery and this is interfering?

Do you have any other apps that can handle images? For example, I have Termux, Anki and Fossify Gallery installed.

They’re coded to take images as input, so they show up when opening an image and Android asks me which app I want to use. I assume that if you have JUST Fossify Gallery, then the system will automatically pick the only option.

I did delete the cache and storage from the Camera app.

I had the same problem on the FP4. Following ats suggestion above, I looked at what apps were offered as alternatives. The culprit was Microsoft 365 (office). After disallowing Photos and videos my default gallery F-Stop comes up as expected when clicking the recent button

I have my FP5 new since a few days. Also installed Fossify gallery. First I had the same problem as described. When clicking on recent photos in the camera app, several apps came up, despite I had confirmed Fossify with “always”. Then I deactivated one of the proposed apps (in my case Oruxmaps). Now it worked as expected. After this action, I gave back the permission for photos and videos to Oruxmaps and it’s still working properly.

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