Still searching for a bike holder + review Klickfix phonepad

Like in this previous topic, I’m searching for a holder for my bicycle. Requirements:

  • Hold the phone safely (I just lost a headlight because I did not attach it properly, so I don’t want to see my phone flying when rolling on a bump).
  • Quick to add and remove.
  • Phone can be unlocked quickly and easily. With the authentication button on the right side, it may not be easy if the phone is in a pocket (it may be possible to press the button though the pocket and use an unlocking pattern…).
  • The holder can not be removed without tools (if I park it for two hours, cannot be stolen in seconds)
  • Durable (which may rule out all the holder based on rubber).

I own a Decathlon “metal holder” (similar to Gub G81), and its claws don’t reach to the top of the phone (with or without the official case). So even if I can press the phone firmly, I don’t trust it in case of shock. This model was great for my previous phone (Galaxy A5)
I tested in a Decathlon store the “easy” holder (same principle, but the support can be remove quickly) and it has the same problem (claws are not high enough).

I searched for information about several models like the “SP Connect Bike Bundle II” with universal clamps, the Thule Pack’n Pedal, the Zefal Universal holder… and a 1.3mm thick phone does not fit.

I just bought the Klickfix Phonepad Quad Mini which is supposed to accept any smartphone smaller that 16.5cm x 8.5cm (larger that the fp4 with case). It turns out that it requires quite some force to stretch the rubber, which is quite thin. So much that I don’t trust it to last long. And if it breaks, my phone will break, so I will return the product without even putting it on my bike.

So now I don’t have any holder, which was very convenient on a bike. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

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