Still couldn't unify the storage - error message

Hi everyone,

I checked the forum but couldn’t find anyone with the problem I’m having.

I tried many times to do the unified storage update, but it has always failed. I always end up with a black screen with options and never know which one to choose (it’s not part of the process in the tutorials that I’ve found on and it looks like an error message… I get it every time).

I can’t take any screenshot of the message I get, but basically I see a dead Android green robot, with the message “no command”, and if I click on any button I get a list of options:
reboot system now
apply update from ADB / sdcard / cache
wipe data/factory reset
wipe cache partition
backup / restore user data

None of them seems to do much… if I choose “reboot system” there’s still both internal and phone storage.
And If I choose another option I have a sort of list of all of the files in my phone, and it seems to be leading to nowhere.

So I’m really lost as to what I should do… Any help would be welcome, as I barely can use any app anymore in the meantime.

Thanks in advance

Have you already tried these instructions?

Thanks! Honestly I hadn’t, I only checked the tutorials for the storage update and the forum.

It still doesn’t work though: at steps 4-5, there is no “updater” menu, and I find no such file as the one they talk about in my sdcard. I tried to find something else, and in the cache I found a file with a name like so I thought it was the right one: I selected it, the process continued (1st time it happens!) but after a short while I’ve been back to another command screen with 2 options: either I have to choose a fille from my sdcard (again!) but can’t find any that’s interesting for me, or I can reboot. And when I reboot, the update has not been installed…

If you haven’t done so yet, set the phone back to factory settings before you give the storage upgrade another try.

It finally worked with the factory settings! Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Dear moderators, this topic can be closed now :slight_smile:

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