Sticky App Bar at the bottom of the screen

Hi all, my FP2 arrived today and I’m about to have everything ready. One thing that bothers me: I couldn’t find an option to create a sticky bar for my most used apps. I’m looking for something like this
Does anyone know how I can get that?

Also I would like to deactivate the vibration when clicking the menu bar (traingle-circle-square), but can’t find an option.

You need to change the launcher. You can try “Catapult” (available on F-droid), who do that.

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thanks a lot! I found out it was the google now launcher that I previously used on my Nexus, found it on the app store!

I guess it’s

Settings > Sound & notification > Other Sounds > Vibrate on touch Off

found it, thanks! weirdly there was no such option when I had the language set to german, had to switch to english to find it…

I’m not sure how but I have deleted my dock at the bottom of the home screen. Is there any way I can get this back?

There is no dock in the standard launcher. Or do you mean the navigation buttons?

Isn’t there? Is there any way I could get one?

You’ll need an alternative launcher.

There’s also Nova Launcher which I use and is pretty good

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