Stereo sound doesnt not flip when turned upside down

When watching any video on any platform. Ive noticed if you hold the phone in a upside down landscape orientation, meaning the volume and power button are facing downwards, the stereo sound doesnt flip around.

Here is a test video on YouTube to test it yourselves:

Ive also tested this on Newpipe and YouTube through firefox. Both with the same result. Can anyone replicate this? I dont think ive done anything to mess with the stereo sound.

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Confirm. Test in YouTube stock app, NewPipe and Vivaldi.

Confirmed with the video in Firefox. Now we know which is the correct side to keep up if the phone is in landscape mode…

I have no experience with stereo speakers in phones except for my FP5, do other (unfair) phones do that better? What is the expected behavior when playing music without video?

My other 3 devices do flip the audio when ‘upside dwon’.

Without video, there is also no flipping audio on the fp5, but I believe thats normal behavior as my other devices do not flip audio when the screens off ether, they do however save which way around they were before turning the screen off.

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Just writing a little quick post to say that the most recent update with the November security patch does not fix this issue, not that I am suggesting it should as the patch notes do not mention it. I will keep updating my findings on each update

Have you made support aware of this issue? Otherwise I don’t expect any fix at any time. I know that working with the support requires some stamina before they pass the information on to the software team, but that’s the only way to bring this to their attention at all.

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Yes. I let them know earlier this morning. I will post updates from them when they come.


I switch to the FP5 after 4+ years on a Xiaomi phone with stereo speakers, and it has never flipped the right and left channels when I rotated the phone. I thought its just basic android behaviour and accepted it as is.
But I can confirm, my FP5 also doesnt flip the audio in the stock youtube app and youtube vanced.
I guess it IS a bug, then?

Yesterday FP support had escalated my ticket to, I’d assume, their Dev team or equivalent. I’ll keep all posted about updates from them. Definitely a bug on FPs software, even my Samsung tablet when held upside down flips the audio.

Or its rather a feature on Samsung or other phones?

Dont think so? I haven’t owned any other android brand. I’ll get back to you when I hear from others who own different OEM devices.

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At the end Im not completely clear I understand what you are looking for/should happen, however I would say the FP4 behaves the same as the FP5 and should have stereo sound as well… So bug or feature, they might look into it.

When holding your phone in landscape with the buttons facing downward, stereo audio is not flipped. Say you watch a video of a car driving from the left of the screen to right, currently holding the phone this way the sound of the car would go from the right of your device to the left.

Other devices I own (admittedly only Samsung, but I’m working on hearing from others) when held in ether orientation, landscape or reverse landscape, the audio is ether unchanged when holding in a normal landscape, or flipped around when holding in a upside down landscape orientation, allowing for correct stereo sound panning.

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Sometimes I’m a bit happy that I’m a) not very audiophile and b) only know Fairphones and Iphones :upside_down_face:

Overall the speaker quality is bad enough that I would always use a BT device with the FP to listen to music or watch videos…

I don’t think is bug, but missed extra feature…
But for info, my previous phone “Motorola Moto G Pro (2020)” auto flipped stereo when upside

A more pressing feature for the stereo speakers should be equal volume on both sides. Unfortunately, one side is louder than the other.