Startproblem after update

Hello since the last up date few days ago, I couldnt open a few apps. e.g: cgeo. Today after trying to open the App a new strange "Bling" noise came up and the phone didnt do nothing anymore. So I disconnected the accu and started, the same noise again and a diffrent start is coming up and every time I try to start , only “screenshot- noise” is coming up and a green frame around the clock when i touch the screen. Then it says : Screenshot cant be restored.

Welcome to the community forum.

This sometimes happens, that an OS update will upset some apps. I would suggest you begin by clearing the cache of the app or apps that are not starting properly.

If that doesn’t help, please read and follow the instructions for starting the phone in “Safe Mode”:

Are basic functions such as phone calls, SMS messages working properly? Tell us how you get on.