Start another camera application by double-pressing the power button


when you double-press the power button on the Fp3 you start the Google camera, which is generally a good thing.

Now I would rather like to start the Lightroom camera instead.

Is there a way to change the app assigned to this action ?

Would be marvelous !


For me, pressing the power button twice beings up a menu where I can choose which camera app to use if multiple are installed. In case you already chose a default app before, you can undo this in the app info settings


This could be, because I installed Lr only recently.

I am sorry, but in the App Info settings of the camera I cannot see how to undo this (“Standardmäßig öffnen - keine Standardeinstellungen festgelegt”), and for the power button there is no App Info …

This is how it should look like if you open up the currently assigned camera app info

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Mine looks a bit different:

My camera has no “Andere Standardeinstellungen” ?!

Wow, I didn’t know that fast camera start method :star_struck:

Hm maybe it’s an issue with the lightroom camera app. Did you try another one (e.g. OpenCamera)?

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I guess this because Lightroom Mobile does not register itself as a camera app. That is because it is a photo editor, which happens to have an in-app camera …

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@teezeh and @grumpy are both right, the Lr camera is not a camera app, and when I install another, real camera app, I can select which one to start.

Top !

Thank you !

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