Standard FS for Sd card Ext4 or F2FS?

the last days I faced an issue that a restore with TWRP did not work again anymore completely.

Restore of data partition failed with createTarFork() process ended with ERROR = 255.

This I did before:

  • rebootet to TWRP recovery
  • did a factory reset, and also wiped system, data, cache
  • started restore

Checking recovery.log, it was said that file was not found.
That is correct, as in my backup there is the file, and not

When checking my filesystems (TWRP, terminal, cat /etc/fstab), all of them (system, data, etc.) are ext4, only the external_sd was f2fs …
I guess this was the reason why TWRP restore failed.

I’m wondering now why / how my SD card was reformatted from ext4 to f2fs, without I have noticed it.
Has someone else experienced something like this?

The full ‘repair’ was a bit elaborate, it started with the question ‘How to get back Ext4 on my sd card’, so that afterwards also the TWRP restore would finish without issues.
I finally did it that way that I started from the scratch:

  • full, fresh installation of the FPOS package “FP2-gms-18.04.1-manual”
  • after first start of this version, the phone was encrypted, and then the SD card again was formatted as ‘internal memory’

Checking again then in TWRP the filesystems, now also my SD card again was back to Ext4. And then also my old TWRP backups could have been restored without problems.

If next time the sd card’s filessytem again is f2fs, is there an easier way to get it back to ext4? Best case without loosing the data on SD card?

Unless there is a conversion tool like e. g. from ext2 to ext4 (there is none that I know of) there is no means to do this. Both filesystems are of very different architectures and purposes.

Thx. for the feedback.

Remains the question why it changed from ext4 to f2fs at all.
I’m using backups / restores via TWRP already quite a long time, and the backup file for SD cards always was external_sd. ext4 .win, so the file system must have been always ext4.

Actually, I guess it could only have come through TWRP,
Before I perform a restore, I clean the system ‘manually’ by Wipe->‘Swipe to Factory Reset’ or Wipe->Advanced Wipe->Dalvik/System/Cache/Data.

I’m trying to figure it out next time when I switch between Lineage and new Fairphone OS.

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