Sshd, terminal, etc. for FP Open OS

So I’m probably missing something crucial since my search-fu is turning up nothing and this seems like a really obvious question, but what’s the deal with ssh’ing in to the FP2 running FP Open OS? I’ve found some posts talking about SSHDroid and SSHelper, but those look like regular Android store apps not on F-Droid, so installing and keeping up-to-date versions of them is gonna be, well, more hassle than one might expect for such a fundamental feature. Is there nothing in the F-Droid repos for FPOOS to do sshd? (In Sailfish sshd is enabled from “Settings”, but I couldn’t find anything like that in FPOOS’s settings…)

While I’m writing, similar question for a terminal: is there anything better than Terminal Emulator out there? It seems utterly mental compared to, for example, the Jolla/Sailfish terminal app, which has shell-useful things like Tab, Ctrl, Esc, Backspace, ←↑↓→ etc. all straight-out visible on the keyboard rather than hidden on the volume controls…

I know I must be missing something blindingly obvious; please indulge my stupidity…

Indeed the native support for simple tools like ssh or rsync is pretty poor on Android.

For ssh I have also been using SSHDroid in the past. An open source alternative is SimpleSSHD - however also not available on FDroid. You could also try to set up a Debian system on the side of Android (e.g. lil’ debi (deprecated) or Debian Kit) and go from there to use certain handy tools like sshd.

The keyboard can be switched easily. If I need to work in the shell on the phone, I switch the keyboard to anysoft’s ssh extension.
While I haven’t yet worked with it, you might also want to have a look at Termux as alternative terminal. It emulates a Ctrl button by pressing [Vol down].
Yet, I prefer to simply connect my phone to the computer and work via ADB.


You should definitely look at Termux, this is a great environment for Unix on the phone, with apt package manager… Might check the g+ community first

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Thanks all. This works, though it still feels very far away from the usability of terminals on N900 and Sailfish.

It’s very interesting migrating from Sailfish to FPOOS; much more work than I expected, though there are great gains in terms of access to apps I couldn’t previously run. Hope to write this all up once I’m done.

Probably then this is something for you:

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For a good keyboard for a terminal emulator take a look at (also available on Google Play ;))

Hah, definitely! :slight_smile:

— I’ve also just discovered that my ten-year-old Palm Pilot keyboard works with my FP2, so I’m giving up on all of this newfangled touching and swiping.

Insecure all the way though, I’m sure.

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