Squeaking sounds when calling on speaker

Hi, fellow world improvers,

When using the FP3+ in speaker mode on WhatsApp or Signal, there is a squeaky sound when talking. It is like when putting the microphone to close to the speaker but that is not the case.
This occurs only when using 4G. It does not occur when calling using the standard Call app .

Any suggestions? I tried reinstalling, clearing cache etc.

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Hi, +1 here. I noticed the issue has started maybe a couple of days ago. Weirdly I’ve also noticed when not making any calls but if I put my hand near the top edge of the phone I get loud hi pitched feedback. Can’t get it right now though so not quite sure on the correct conditions to make it happen.

Really?? No one else?

Guten Tag,
Ich habe dasselbe Problem mit dem quietschen beim Lautsprecher. Egal ob ich über WhatsApp Telefoniere oder normal anrufen und den Lautsprecher an habe. Allerdings ist es bei WhatsApp am schlimmsten.
Gerät steht nicht bei einer Störquelle.
Ansonsten funktioniert der Lautsprecher einwandfrei z.b. beim abspielen von Musik.
Hat jemand das Problem schon gelöst?
Liebe Grüße

Good day,
I have the same problem with the speaker squeaking. It doesn’t matter whether I’m making a call via WhatsApp or making a normal call with the speaker on. However, WhatsApp is the worst.
Device is not near a source of interference.
Does the speaker work properly e.g. when playing music.
Has anyone already solved the problem?
Best regards

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