Spotify won't download songs

Hi everyone,
I have just recently switched to a FP3, Android 10 and I’ve been having issues downloading songs in the Spotify app (I have a premium subscription). Instead of a green arrow indicating the succesful download, I can see a white exclamation mark. Neither playlists nor albums will download to my phone.
I’ve tried the following:

  • Restarting phone
  • Reinstalling the app (and deleting all data)
  • Signing off and back on
  • Checking the privileges of the app (access to everything)

Help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

It sounds a bit like a problem you should contact Spotify about.
A quick search of their forum revealed this:
Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to have a solution for everyone. Seems like the problem went away after a while for the original poster.

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Hi, thanks for your help. I will try reahing out to them, too.

It sounds like you have performed a clean reinstall. Dunno if this post here is able to help you out.

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Just wanna add that you can also use tools to help you get offline music downloads to your phone. That’s how I usually do.

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Found the issue, I reformated my SD card a few times, that did the trick.
I was surprised because Spotify was supposed to use the internal storage but I’m glad it works now.
Thanks for your help!


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