Spotify on fairphone Open?

i m pretty new in the fairphone and fairphone open world. I am thinking of installing fairphone open on my fairphone 2 even though i know nothing about coding and stuff.
One question first: is it possible to install spotify with the fairphone 2? I got all my music on there and can hardly think of not having it anymore.
Thanks in advance,

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Hey Gloria, you can have Spotify on FP Open.

But you need to make a few extra steps.

You’ll have to install #fdroid. This is an alternative app store.
In #fdroid you’ll find an app called Yalp. Yalp is a front for the Google Playstore that allows you to download almost all apps from Google, w/o having a google account.
From Yalp you can then download Spotify.

Let me know if this is enough information to get you going or if you need more!


thanks Douwe!
I am still in the process of checking if i will install Fairphone Open. I also have an app that i need for my work (it transfers phone calls from the landline to my mobile…) and i dont know if that will be compatible.
Is there any possibility to know if an app is available on fairphone, else than the forum ? I am thinking i’m using busted app and petit bambou, 2 other apps i would need on my fairphone…

Most apps work by default, some need a little more effort. We have a guide for getting apps to work on FP Open: #installanyapp


If that app requires google services, for example push messages to notify you of a call, it might not be worth to switch to Fairphone Open just to install Google Play Services again.

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how can an app on your mobile transfer call from your landline to the mobile?

There is no such app on your mobile.
If you want your landline to transfer calls to your mobile, you have to set up ‘call forwarding’ on your landline.

My guess would be some kind of remote control for a professional telephone system or some front end App to phone provider settings.


Maybe you can have this functionality as an app on your mobile. E.g. a proprietary app from the “landline” phone supplier who sells these “system-phones” with many hundreds of phones connected to a PBX (telephone exchange).


I have a FritzBox router and my landline is actually voice over IP. And the router manufacturer offers an app so that my mobile rings on an incoming landline call as long as it is connected to the router WiFi. I mean, that app rings, not the usual phone app. Still I can pick up on landline calls as long as I’m on the same WiFi. Maybe it’s something like that?


Technically, that is possible.

See or, for example.


At my present landline I go to the website of my provider and there I can set up call forwarding.
As my landline goes over internet, I also have the possibility to set call forwarding in the modem (Fritzbox in my case).


Good point!

Gloria, do you want to be Google-free with FP Open OS or what is your main motivation to use it?

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hey Ingo and everyone,
thanks for your answers

the app is called peoplefone. It works through internet connection and a home phone number.

my main motivation is not to use google services anymore, or at least as few as possible . I have already Ubuntu on my computer (basic basic use) but there are still some apps i can’t think of not using on my phone e.g. whatsapp because all my social network uses it and this phone app, for which i don’t have much choice as it is for my work…

If you want to use as few google services as possible, it is also a good idea to install FP Open. After the installation you can just flash the google store without the rest. I guess this is less “invasive” than with the normal FP OS, and it is also very good for the battery consumption of your phone…

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Well, judging by what I found here:
and here:

and here as well:

neither peoplefone-app nor easy-calling-car (that you seem to need in addition) require google services to work.
Therefore all safe on this behalf.

You can try to check the play-store for the apps you can*t live without for their requirements.

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Just to add my own experience. I have a Fairphone 2 running the FP Open OS (that i’ve installed straight away when I received my phone) and Spotfiy is working like a charm.

I use both F-Droid and Aptoide as my app stores following only the official “apps” for the later.

I find anything I need with these two and remove any app which tells me it needs Google Service. ;o)


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