Spotify keeps jumping back to internal Storage after reboot, forcing re-downloading

Dear Fairphone 3 enthusiasts,

since the latest update of the stock ROM after rebooting my phone, Spotify will suddenly jump back to the internal Storage - forcing to re-download 8GB of music onto the already quite full internal storage. I’ve reached out to Spotify support, and they’ve tried resolving the situation - but with no luck.

I’ve seen this is a commonish problem for other people with Spotify, though I’m suspicious that it might be related with the buggy recent stock rom update by Fairphone since I didn’t experience that issue prior.

thats a spotify issue not a Fairphone 3 issue, I see that since years already.

Yeah, though for me it popped up recently and perhaps it is a combination of multiple bugs. I know that the storage API of Android is a bit clumpy, on my Fairphone it detect four different storages, two of them are “SD Cards” - though one of them is the internal storage.

It’s all a mess.

I see the same on the FP4 and also on the FP3 running Iode Android 12

Could you provide a screen shot: probably on one SD id real storage the other is the option if it was formatted as internal ~ which please don’t do :slight_smile:

No thats not the issue its a spotify issue… I have no or an SD card fornatted as external and see the same, multiplication of storage options