Spotify keeps jumping back to internal Storage after reboot, forcing re-downloading

Dear Fairphone 3 enthusiasts,

since the latest update of the stock ROM after rebooting my phone, Spotify will suddenly jump back to the internal Storage - forcing to re-download 8GB of music onto the already quite full internal storage. I’ve reached out to Spotify support, and they’ve tried resolving the situation - but with no luck.

I’ve seen this is a commonish problem for other people with Spotify, though I’m suspicious that it might be related with the buggy recent stock rom update by Fairphone since I didn’t experience that issue prior.

thats a spotify issue not a Fairphone 3 issue, I see that since years already.

Yeah, though for me it popped up recently and perhaps it is a combination of multiple bugs. I know that the storage API of Android is a bit clumpy, on my Fairphone it detect four different storages, two of them are “SD Cards” - though one of them is the internal storage.

It’s all a mess.

I see the same on the FP4 and also on the FP3 running Iode Android 12

Could you provide a screen shot: probably on one SD id real storage the other is the option if it was formatted as internal ~ which please don’t do :slight_smile:

No thats not the issue its a spotify issue… I have no or an SD card fornatted as external and see the same, multiplication of storage options

Spotify actually fixed that settings page, there is no more duplicated storage selectors visible - although the bug was recently still present, I’ll test if moving woks in the next days.

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