Spotify 'Connecting...' to Chromecast Built-in speaker

I use an alternative OS (named /e/) on my PF2.
I tried to play music on my Chromecast Built-in speaker:
It works fine with the DS Audio app, an app by Synology to access my music on my Synology NAS and play it.
However it does not work with Spotify: Spotify lists my speaker but it says ‘Connecting…’ and never manages to connect?

Anyone else with Chromecast experience with speakers and alternative OSes? Were you able to cast Spotify? Any idea why it would work on DS Audio and not on Spotify?

/e/ uses microG under the hood, and microG does not support Chromecast.

If you want to support the development of Chromecast in microG, read this GitHub thread (includes code and bounty pledges)


I knew it must have been something like that …but then

Does Chromecast work on Lineage?

LineageOS with OpenGapps, yes.

LineageOS without OpenGapps, no.

LineageOS with microG (is not an official LineageOS version), no.


You are most likely not using the Google Cast protocol at all. Your speakers might also support DLNA. This works with DS Audio, but probably not with Spotify.

There is an app called BubbleUPnP which allows streaming all audio via DLNA. This requires root.

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Thanks, but that’s not it. My Chromecast device is the ‘old’ Chromecast Audio dongle (Google stopped selling it last year) that is connected to a speaker. This dongle only has Chromecast Technology, not DLNA or anything. I spoke about a Chromecast Built-in speaker to make it easier to understand, and because the behavior would be the same (I guess).

Yeah, and recently they quit supporting it as well.

My guess would be that the Synology NAS supports Google Cast and streams to the Chromecast directly. Their app only controls the NAS. So it works without the phone supporting Google Cast.

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