Spotify app does not work

My spotify app does not open on my FP3. I have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times but still when I try to open the app I get a black screen but nothing further happens. Any help greatly appreciated.

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What software is your FP3 running? Do you have issues with other apps? Did Spotify work already or is it the first time, you are trying?

It is running Android version 11, the app used to work but a few updates a go it stopped working. I have kept trying to uninstall and reinstall with hope it will change it but nothing has happened. I don’t have any issues with any other apps.

The Spotify App is quite bad, although it currently works on my FP3. So how long did you wait when seeing the black screen? If only around 2-3 seconds wait longer… Else do you use an SD card to download Spotify stuff to?

You can try to delete Spotify app data completely and then reinstall the app. Maybe the post will be helpful for you to fix Spotify black screen: Spotify Black Screen Windows/Mac/Mobile? Fixed!

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