Spotify app blocks

Spotify app won’t open from starting screen.
To open the app I have to go to store - Spotify - open app
Anyone else have this issue?

Hi and welcome and no I dont have that. So anything you tried like removing the app from homescreen and re-adding it? Or deinastalling and re-installing? Cant you not open as well through the app drawer? What OS is installed in which version (under settings about the phone Build number).

This can also happen if you’re storing your cache on the SD card and the card has died of old age and too many writes (Android often hides write errors, but you can tell by taking the card out out, sticking it in another machine and trying to write a new file to it and seeing if you get an error). One symptom of a dying SD card is very long latencies as the OS keeps getting write errors and keeps retrying just in case this is a transient failure (it’s not). Spotify will be blocked for that whole time. (When this happened to me last year with a four-year-old card, Spotify took about five minutes to display anything.)

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