Spontaneous / automatic shutdown

My Fairphone 2 will be working fine, sending messages etc, and then it just shuts down. The holding the on/off button for 15 seconds does not reboot it and so I have to take the cover off and battery out in order to get it to work again. I have installed the latest update. A few updates ago my FP2 did the same thing but much more frequently, I ended up having to buy a new cover because the constant taking it off to take the battery out broke the rubber seals. HELP, I don’t want to have to buy any more new parts for my 10 month old FP2!

Maybe it’s related with this issue?

I had this issue, it was easy to reproduce by dropping the FP from ~10cm on the side where the USB-Port is. If it reboots or shuts down, try to add some paper behind the battery (Photos are inside the above thread).

Maybe it’s a software-issue, then it would be great if you could provide the file /proc/last_kmsg.

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Note that most of the covers that have this problem have been replaced under warranty. There have now also been changes to the cover material/design. Did you ask support before buying a new one? See also:

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