Splash logo converter for Fairphone 3

I wrote a little tool for creating splash screens: https://github.com/basxto/fp3_splash

The first image was taken before I fixed a bug that cut off a part of the image.

Just flash them like fastboot flash splash ./splash

Here a few splash screens for testing:
https://basxto.de/fp3/splash/splash.hoe.img (FAIR HOE)
https://basxto.de/fp3/splash/splash.cy.img (cyFAIRPHONE)
https://basxto.de/fp3/splash/splash.unbricked.img (UNBRICKED EDITION)


I think this is great, but I cannot see the pictures. Can you upload to imgur?

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Discourse allows uploads from web sources, too, so uploading the pictures to the forum should work, too.
(I can see them already, though.)

Hey! Great to see a FP3 counterpart for the FP2 one

If you want, I can invite you to the #wearefairphone organization at GitHub and migrate the repo there, thus your work can gain some more visibility, :smiley:

Keep up the good work!

P.S.: in fact, I see you used as a base the same Python script I used (well, an updated one). We can even merge the two in the same repo.


Can this be flashed on a totally stock device or is root (or unlocked bootloader) required?

You should only need an unlocked bootloader (I’ve not tested with only this)

If fastboot lets you flash the partition with a locked bootloader it should also work, since the splash isn’t signed.


No, I translated the decoder from aboot’s C code

Great! Once you accept the invitation I sent you, you’ll be able to transfer the repo.

My bad, I jumped to conclusions too quickly after reading a mention to CodeAurora. Sorry.

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