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I’ve recently updated my Fairphone 2 to and I’m having issues with the spellcheck on additional languages. The main language on my phone is English (UK) which is used for the interfaces etc. and I also use French to write messages. I’m using the default virtual Android keyboard and switch between them by pressing down on the space bar.

Before the upgrade English and French worked exactly how I would expect - I was offered auto-complete for words based on the current language and everything would be spell checked in that language. However, after upgrading the spell check only seems to work for English - if I switch to French I get auto-complete suggestions in French but nearly every word is underlined in red, as if the spell checker is still using English. These aren’t ‘learnt’ words that I’ve added to the dictionary, but basic things that should be in the system dictionary like ‘je’.

Is there any way to fix this problem? I’ve had a lot of issues with this update but this is the only one I’ve not managed to resolve.

I’ve got similar issues, be it after upgrading to Android 9, 21.12.0-rel.1.

Didn’t bother me enough to spend time on it until a couple of days ago, when I changed the language from English to Dutch (or v.v.) and back under Settings > System > Languages & input > Advanced > Spell checker – which didn’t solve it (perhaps understandably so as you can select only one language … ).

Just now I changed it to Use system languages. It’s an improvement, but when typing English the auto-complete suggestions include Dutch forms, that are (justly so) underlined in red when selected. It also seems to differ between apps though.
(When writing a forum post in Lightning there’re no auto-complete suggestions at all, whereas they do appear in Firefox – Lightning apparently being “too old”.)

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Looks like this is fixed in the latest release if I’m not mistaken:


It was fixed for me, thanks. Think I will wait a few weeks the next time an update is available as the last two have caused a lot of issues.

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