Specs for 3+ camera

Where can I find the specifications for the 3+ camera?

On the fairphone 3+ page, under Cameras.


Thank you! Btw, what does it mean that the resolution is 48MP but the output is 12MP? Is that an advantage over the FP3 camera with 12MP?

No idea, I had the same question. Maybe someone with more experience in photography can explain.

Not an expert at all, but my educated guess would be that the CCD sensor has 48M pixels, and averages the colour values for every group of 4 to create one pixel in the final image. Sounds like a pretty convenient (if not slightly expensive) way of reducing noise.


It’s also a way to digitally zoom in the picture up to 4 times with no loss of definition.


That sounds logical and actually quite amazing :slight_smile:

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Fairphone’s comparison PDF adds even more details including the sensor model: S5KGM1SP03-FGX9


Regarding the 48/12 MP technology, the explanation on the Samsung homepage might give some clues:

Better low light quality by 4 pixels working as one larger pixel (with interactive graphics).

Here’s the sensor homepage:



To be more precise, for me the model is a Samsung S5KGM1SP03-FGX9, so the sensor must be https://www.samsung.com/semiconductor/image-sensor/mobile-image-sensor/S5KGM1/ and it isn’t the GM2 (but I may be wrong, it’s just the more logical for me).

I do a lottle Excel to estimate the light who come into the sensor, I can send you the file but I can’t upload it here (only picture)

The FP3+ camera have 32% more light per pixel than the FP3 (and 93% more than the FP2).
This is only a dimensionnal 2D comparison, without the special technologies of each sensors (Isocell plus…) and without the clarity of the lenses and glasses. To be clear it isn’t a lab comparison or a post treatment (IA, HDR…) comparison)

For the FP2 you took the old modules’ specs.

Were can I find the newone ?


The update :slight_smile:

I can see the FP2 update was not an improvement for lowlight

Is the sensor size in inches? Because the sensor size would then be 1/2.55’’ for the FP3 and 1/2.25’’ for the FP3+.

Yes, the " usually stands for inches (in US/UK texts).

1 feet 2 inches = 1’2"

For the FP3, it is correct, just the bad excel view
For the FP3+, I am note sure, because Samsung say https://www.samsung.com/semiconductor/image-sensor/mobile-image-sensor/S5KGM1/ 1/2".
I trust more the sensor website

Thanks, I know :wink: But @Justin wrote 2/5 for the sensor size of the FP3, and 1/2 for the sensor size of the FP3+. That’s why I was asking.

I trust more the official document of Fairphone.

Edit: The Fairphone 2 old module sensor size is 1/3.2" and the new module sensor size is 1/2.8", if you want to be precise.