Specific absorption rate (SAR)

Hi, I didnt find anything about SAR of the fairphone, can anybody help me. Thank you.

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Here a link SAR and Fairphone


Thanks Lidwien. I hope that fairphone will have a better SAR in future. For me it would be ok between 0.14 and 0.40 W/kg. For more information see Electro Magnetic Field or SAR Tables

idea to reduce electrosmog

I appreciate your concept to make your fairphone more fair and ecological. This includes for me also to try to reduce electrosmog impact.
What do you thing about the following idea:
You develope a tecnology, when you connect the fairphone with cable to load battery, the same cable will be able to be connected also with Lan. So the wireless connection can be switched off, and with the same telefone number the person can be connected through VOIP tecnology.
So the wireless connection is needed only if the person is outside, inside of buildings it is reachable without electrosmog.

This could be a revolution in respectful tecnology. I sent this idea also to the support.


Isn’t it getting a little late, on this 29th day of September 2015, for FP to be announcing the SAR of Fairphone 2?


Hey @anon90052001, just a friendly reminder to tell us about the SAR :slight_smile:


Just 7 hours left to tell us what the specific absorption rate will be for the FP2 … (tick, tock, tick, tock …)

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Hi everybody,

Sorry to disappoint, but we don’t have the final SAR rating yet. (We’ll be sure to have a red carpet and drumroll when it is ready)

We’re currently having the device tested and undergoing last revisions. We have completed most of the SAR testing and need a bit more time to perform the final measurements.

We know there are some of you who are waiting for the SAR rating before making a buying decision, and we’re working hard to get this to you. Thanks for your patience. In the meantime, maybe we can talk about SAR and share some resources to educate ourselves? I myself did not know much about it. Here’s a page from the FCC in the US:


Thanks for the update!


SAR for FP2 have been announced for september 2015.
15000 pre-ordrer have been reached without this technical data, so I expect SAR to be announced quickly now!
I expect SAR to be < 300 mW/kg to order… Sourcing is important, but my own health first!


That’s an interesting question indeed. Have you yet asked Fairphone directly?

@Frizou: I moved your post here. Please always check, if there are already discussions about your topic, before posting!

@anon90052001 has answered your question above.

Still waiting for F2 SAR announce…

Here you are!

SAR of FP2 = 0.288 W/kg (kick’s in as place 20 in this list [of phones released within the last 3 years])
SAR of FP1 = 0.318 W/kg (listed as place 34 in this list [of phones released within the last 3 years])

Good work, FP! Only hope that stability of connection is not worse than of FP1…
Cheers, Robert

@Bernhard_Oberraunch …so maybe you could have an Ethernet port built into the phone so you can turn off unnecessary radio signals during VOIP calls?