Speaker volume control in calls

I can’t find the option to control the speaker volume while in calls / handsfree anywhere. In my case I find the volume to high when on hold with terrible and low quality music.

My speaker is functioning correctly and volume can be controlled while playing media (for example the youtube app) - so it’s purely a settings/software thing and not related to the hardware.

I’ve searched here and on the Android help, but there is no straight answer to be found. Even if the option to control the speaker volume is missing/not existing, I just want to have that confirmed.

It seems such an obvious / simple / essentional setting that I can’t believe that it doesn’t exist. Besides, you should just be able to control that volume with the volume buttons whilst using the speaker/handsfree option - just like any other volume!

Not being to find any information is really frustrating!

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Do you see a SETTINGS icon at the bottom of the volume slider when you try to reduce call volume? That might give you options to selectively control volume (i.e. for music, for alerts, for calls …).

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I have no trouble changing the volume at my end on handsfree calls using the volume buttons on the side.

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You may also like to look at Settings > Sound


Same as talked in the topic below, the settings you show can appear on the screen, but event at the lowest level, the speaker sound is too loud. This is not convenient when you are outside, and even a bit strong for the ears. The maximum sound at normal call (not loud speaker) is not enough to be eared on handsfree.
See this topic : Speaker and headphone volume too loud during Whatsapp video call - #21 by mcb