Speaker Sound distorted when using Spotify

I have problems listening to Spotify with my FP3 speaker. The sound is distorted and muffled.
The speaker sound is great when listening to music in YouTube or other apps. The sound is also fine when I listen to Spotify via headphone (wired and Bluetooth).
Also, after a soft reset, the sound is normal for a couple seconds and then changes to muffled and distorted again…
Furthermore, I already uninstalled and installed Spotify again without any changes.

Has anyone an idea of what I could try or do?


Hi Kolja,

what is your setting for the music quality?

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I had it on high and it doesn’t make a difference if I change it…


Maybe a bandwidth issue.

same here - disable the equalizer and the problem is solved (but I hope that Spotify is working on a solution… )


You know what I just thought I had a loudspeaker hardware issue but it’s the same: Spotify only and only when Equaliser was turned on!

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I noticed and figured this out myself. I have the impression it started after the upgrade of my FP3 to Android 10. Did not notice this before that. So far the workaround (equalizer off) works for me.

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Thank you so much. Turned the eq off and the muffled sound was gone.

Had the same issue shortly after update to Andorid 10 - so its definetely related.
deactivating the Equalizer fixed it (thanks to @danthebrain, who basically saved my day :slight_smile: )

I experienced it did work for a few seconds after restart but then it started to get distorted.
Playing around with the Equalizers options it seems the distortion does only affect a part of frequencies.


Would it have to be Spotify to work on the solution, or Fairphone? A quick look into the Spotify forum did not give me the impression that A10 users with other phones have the same problem, so the issue may not be with Spotify.

Do you have a Spotify premium subscription? Maybe try downloading music for offline playback on your speaker. If you don’t have premium, download Spotify to local music files using some kind of software from Audfree or Audacity. I suppose the sound issue probably has something to do with the streaming.

Offline playback does not make a difference. It’s the equalizer that messes things up; when you disable it, the problem goes away.


There are three ways to check whether they can fix it well. First of all, please update to Spotify Premium, which offers better audio quality than free Spotify users. The other way is to uninstall and install the Spotify app again. The last way is to use third-party software like DRmare Software to download Spotify songs as local files, which can keep 100% original audio quality.
Hope one of the ways can help you fix this issue well.

The quality difference is WAY more than just the difference between Premium and Free. Spotify on FP3/Android10 with equalizer switched on is just unintelligible noise.

The best workaround is to switch off the equalizer. Reinstall of the app did not work, at least not for me.

(As for the last suggestion: I did not know that downloaded files from Spotify could be played with a third party app? Isn’t there DRM involved that prevents this?)

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