Speaker not working after module change

Hi guys,

I just got my new camera bundle modules and I installed the modules like the instructions explained. The new camera modules are working fine, I could change the resolutions and I did the calibration with the selfie camera. Unfortunatly the speaker in the Module FP-Rec01 (selfie camera) doesn’t work. When I receive calls I can’t hear a tone. The volume is maximum. I changed the module three times. Its always working with the old one but the speaker remains silent in the new one. Did anyone noticed a similar problem?

Thanks for the help! Happy Christmas form Germany

Please go thorough all the steps described in the troubleshooting tool to see if it’s a hardware issue.
If so the tool will end with some information you should provide Support when you contact them to receive a new module.
To speed things up it’s proven to be best to call them after you sent the mail. And have your ticket number at hand.

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