Speaker Module from FP3+

So the FP3+ supposedly has a better speaker module. Does that mean that the FP3 users can buy a better module as well?

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It is definitely compatible, but from what I remember from this recent Q & A session, the improvements (more volume from a bigger speaker) will only materialize on the FP3+ (which has a different, slightly more powerful amplifier on its core module). Anyone else feel free to correct me if you have a better grasp. Have a listen to Wayne Huang here:

https://www.facebook.com/106482829406626/videos/608953656469981 (seems the link above doesn’t show in Firefox)


Sharper sound as well. Actually, I’m wondering which improvements exactly will be compatible with FP3+ and which won’t.

Thanks for the link!
Could you add a reference (time code) to the specific passage? It’s a rather long video :wink:

6:00 if I recall correctly.


Thanks, interesting.

Thx from me too.
Really interesting. There are quite a few iimprovements it seems.
50% bigger speaker, new noise cancellation with the microphone, more volume, more bass.

And - what’s really good to hear, as some in this forum had doubts about this - they clearly state, that they were adressing complaints by users when designing the speaker module.

In fact, it seems, that was the real reason for doing a new speaker module!!

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