Speaker gets low during quiet audio, then "wakes" up during loud audio

Hi there,

I’ve had this issue since day 1 of having my FP3, but I’ve only just got round to investigating.

I’ve found 1 other thread relating to my issue, but it ends in December 2019 with no solution.

If I’m playing a video or podcast or something through the loudspeaker, the audio level gets really low during quiet parts, and then jumps back up to regular volume when the audio is loud again. This happens with a little “click/pop” as the speaker “wakes” up.

You can induce a “wake” by manually turning up the volume until it responds, but then quickly turning it back down again as it’s too loud. Overall it makes use of the loudspeaker impossible.

Any thoughts / ideas?



I am experiencing what sounds like the same issue on my FP3, and my partner is experiencing the same on her FP3 too!

We’ve found that we get these seemingly random jumps in audio volume occur only on the speaker – not when using headphones. What’s really strange is that they also seem to be repeatable to some extent – e.g. if the volume suddenly changes when watching Netflix, then skip back in the video, the same volume jump happens again at the same place!

We’re in contact with Fairphone support about this. They claim that this problem was fixed in the last software update, which does not match up with our experience :expressionless:

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I’ve got the exact same problem as described in this closed thread : Speaker gets low during quiet audio, then "wakes" up during loud audio Imho it’s an annoying problem that’s affecting audio experience a lot, so I’m reopening the discussion. Hope that’s according to the community rules.

Does anyone have a clue about where this might come from? My random guess would be that it’s some kind of adaptive volume feature that should increase the phone’s volume whenever surrounding noise goes up and vice versa, but it’s mastakenly considering the phone’s own audio output as noise and thus getting louder, when the music plays a bit louder, and lowering during more quiet parts…

Or any clue how to switch this off?

My phone is a FairPhone 3, build 8901.3.A.0134.20211116. Have been experiencing this ever since I bought the phone.

Thanks for any help!

Here we are again, re-opened.