Spare motherboard

I’m in need of new motherboard for my Fairphone2. I see there is no way to get it from the shop currently. Is there / will there ever be possibility to get one? I’m located in Amsterdam so I would gladly pass by the Office if this is needed.

It never was available in the shop. For the latest discussion/speculation about why, see this topic:

Some resellers (e.g. vireo, for other see the ‘our partners’ section towards the end of Fairphone’s business page) do sell the core module, but I’d only go down that route if you’re really sure that replacing the motherboard will actually solve whatever issue you’re experiencing.
You could try meeting up with one of the #fairphoneangels, to swap out parts to diagnose the problem. Some of them may also have a spare, though is rare for the core module.


Yeah I will install some tools to try to pin-point what the root cause is. basically the story is:
My girlfirend fell into a water with the phone in her pocket. We took it aparat straight away and dryed it very good over few days. Of course the phone parts indicate that there was water in (red dots). However, the phone booted and worked just fine. After few weeks it went off. I thought its all dead, but after few days of charging and few days without a battery in, it started (after like 30 min of constantly booting it and rebooting). From that point on, pretty much every week or week and a half, the phone goes dead and does not boot beyond boot logo (which sometimes turns into small blue ‘fairphone’ logo). Usually charging it (it does not indicate whether its charging) and leaving the phone without a battery for a day helps. I then put the battery in and after long fight with the phone constantly rebooting it when it hangd on the boot screen for about 30-45 min it finally goes pass the boot logo screen and boots to the OS (checked fairphone OpenOS and Lineage, same thing). Since both be and my gf own fairphone we already swapped all the components between to make sure this isnt caused by any other part.

Of course it would be nice to know what causes the issue as perhaps it is software related (storage, partitions etc) and replacing hardware is not needed. Maybe someone here has any ideas or similar issue. I just thought getting the new core module would make it for easy fix without a need to get new phone. It’s a pitty self reparable phone cant really be self repaired (need to read the thread you liknedfor reasons).

Thanks for the link to the core module. I might wait for new batch of re-furbished fp’s to get the whole one (and new spares for me and my gf) since the price isnt that much different between core module and the whole phone.


Hi, I’m Fairphone Angel for Amsterdam. Are you sure the problem is the core module? I got all the other mats available for you to check out if its one of these.

Another possibility could be a quality repairman who checks the device via a multimeter or something. I’m not aware of any of such FP-specific though.

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