Sound volume while taking a call

When I’m having a phone call, I find it very difficult to hear what is being said. So far my only solution is to enable the hand-free speaker (which is on the contrary a bit too loud).
When I use the volume-down/up keys, nothing seems to happen in the ear-speaker, or it is too subtle to make a noticeable difference…
Is this a bug?

(Sorry for my English; I may have used the wrong words. Please correct, or ask, if it is not clear)

Did you had a look at the set volume level while your phone was waiting to be connected or while your phone was already connected to the other phone? The Volume level will be displayed while you change it.
Also did you move the phone a little bit to find the Position leading to the maximum sound level in your ear?
Note you can dial your own number to Figure these two things out. A connection will be established for some seconds until your network provider will cancel it.
My own FP has a very high Volume when set to the maximum. In this case I do not need to find the optimal Position at my ear even in a noisy environments.

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