Sound Quality / Built-In Equalizer on FP2 / Fairphone Open OS 18.10.0

Hello Forum,
I seem to remember that there used to be a built-in equalizer / sound settings, which allowed to enhance bass, treble, etc. - since updating to the latest Open OS I am no longer able to find it. Ahy help greatly appreciated …

It seems with Android 7 the built-in equalizer setting is gone … happened to other devices, too.

The Play Store has a lot of equalizer Apps, on F-Droid I only found music players which claim to be able to change equalizer settings.

#lineageos includes an App named AudioFX supposedly for this since its CyanogenMod days, but AudioFX’s usefulness is limited.

On F-Droid I see that ‘Music Player Go’ announces an equalizer, but I didn’t try it. I personally don’t know of a general system-level equalizer…

I have tested Music Player Go last week, the equalizer works fine.
The music player Vanilla Music seems to use the same equalizer and of course it also works fine.

… thanks for your replies, I will try the Music Player Go then …

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