Sound problem with Wechat

Hi there

When using the video chat of Wechat, the sound is really low, even with maximum volume. If I plug my headset in, the sound becomes very very loud, and impossible to put it down…

Well I hate Wechat and it’s full of bugs, but I didn’t have this issue with my Huawei before, so I guess this might be related to FP2 disfunction ?

Thanks for support.

Sorry you didn’t get an answer for so long and I can’t help you much either, but I can bare some good news: In the beta section a release is being tested atm that is supposed to fix this issue!

Fixed low audio volume when using WeChat’s speaker mode

quoted from the changelog

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Thanks a lot !

Looking forward the next Open OS version to solve this.

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The update has just been released (see below). Does it fix the problem for you?


I’m using Open OS 16.06.0 and just checked the updates. No update until now.

Open OS is always a bit behind.

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The new update solved the problem. Good job guys !

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