Sound Notifications are always the default, despite changes

Despite me changing the default notification and phone ringtone sounds to those of my choice and the phone clearly having them selected, I always get the industry standard default for phone calls and nothing for notifications.

As a result, I cannot hear the phone when being called because it’s so quiet (due to the low-profile default sound of the FP5), and I can never know when any notification has popped up because there’s no sound played.

I’ve done everything: in Settings → Sound & Vibration, changed the system’s default Phone Ringtone, notification and alarm sounds and raised the volumes to the max and went through every possible sound setting I could find to no avail.

Even when the files are clearly selected in the menu, when I try to bring the volume in the same menu up and down for testing, the device’s default sound still plays and not my already selected sound file. Apps have their own notification sounds selected, but they play no sound, not even the device’s default (and obviously not the selected default).

Please help.


We saw something a bit similar a couple of years back when someone had used a third-party app to set the notifications sound.

Are you getting any error messages, such as “Sounds keeps stopping”?

Did you at any time, use a third-party app (or any method other than Settings > Sound) to change some sounds settings such as default notifications?

The case I’m thinking of happened on a FP4 but I’m pretty sure it could happen on a FP5 running a more recent version of Android.