Sound in microphone disappears


I have problems with the microphone.

A while ago the speaker stopped working and there was no sound when the phone rang or when media played. Then the microphone started having problems. The sound disappeared sometimes during calls, so the other part couldn’t hear me. I discovered that if I pressed the phone together from the front and back in the lower right corner, there was sound through the microphone again. Sometimes though, the sound was really raspy. When I tried with a headset, the sound was clear during phonecalls.

I had the fortune of getting hold of another bottom module about a month back. That solve both problems. The speaker sounded again when the phone received calls and others could hear me all the time during calls, without me having to squeeze the phone.
Now the problem with the microphone has returned. The sound disappears during calls.
Does anyone have a similar experience and have a solution to fix it? Could it be some kind of connection problem in the phone or is it something else? Thankful for any thoughts on what the problem could be and how it could be fixed.
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If squeezing the phone helped, you might have experienced a (micro) fracture in one of the boards or bad connection on the pins connecting the boards. There was a discussion on a similiar issue here: Primary Microphone not working and tired of replacing the bottom module - #10 by ecosepo


Hello rkbwde

Thanks a lot for your answer. Yes, it seems like others have had a similar problem. I will see if what is written there can guide me to getting the sound in the microphone going again. Thanks for that link.
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You might also try a deoxidizing contact cleaner, e.g. Kontakt 60. Put some drops on a cotton swab and rub the contact pins / plates carefully - that re-animated my camera :grinning:

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