Sorry, can i already book the fairphone 2 now?

…i am so afraid about getting it not :scream_cat:
And if i ´m be able to book it please put in your answer a link where :smile:
Very thanks ;D

Hi Ravten,

i have read that Fairphone intends to produce over 100.000 devices per year, so i think there is no need to be afraid.
Sales should start during summer, albeit in Europe only at the beginning. The best way to keep up-do-date is checking this Forum :wink: and register to the mailing list on the Fairphone homepage:

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thank you,
as i realized the summer starts yesterday i though the phones ll be sold out when i don´t be fast enought, because the summer already have started. i was a little bit mess.


Having been one of the first to support Fairphone, I can tell you that summer ends in September. And they will exhaust that time! :wink:


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